To make Pullpo available to your team, you will need to follow the onboarding process by accessing our application page for the first time.

A detailed view of each required step is given below:


We integrate with Slack to promote frictionless communication during the code review process as well as sending relevant alerts and reminders through PR channels. Whenever we detect a strong deviation from your squad's objectives we survey the appropiate members that have insights about what the problem might have been and how it can be improved.


Step 1. Choose your organization's workspace, where Pullpo should be able to create PR channels.

Slack - Workspace

Step 2. Login into your organization's Slack workspace.

Slack - Login

Install on a Workspace

Step 3. Connect your organization's workspace with Pullpo.

Slack - Connect with Pullpo

Learn why we need you to give Pullpo some scopes & permissions.

This concludes installation of the Pullpo application for Slack. You should get redirected the page bellow. Click on Add to GitHub to proceed with the GitHub installation.

Slack installed - Redirect to GitHub


We integrate with GitHub to get notified whenever pull requests in your organization's repositories are created, updated, merged or discarded, and to synchronize messages from PR channels to keep everyone in your team updated.


Step 4. Sign in into your GitHub account.

Github - Login

Once you're inside GitHub, select your Organization Account where you intend to install Pullpo.

Install on an Organization

Step 5. Setup a GitHub plan for Pullpo.

Github - Get a free plan

The application on GitHub is free to install but filling the form is required by GitHub. For detailed pricing information refer to our pricing page.

Step 6. Install the Pullpo for Slack application.

Github - Install Pullpo

You can choose to give Pullpo access to all repositories of your organization or just select ones. We recommend you choose the "All repositories" option if you want Pullpo to improve the code review experience for repositories you might create in the future.

Learn why we need you to give Pullpo some scopes & permissions.

Allow developers in your team to enjoy the benefits of using Pullpo by completing the final setup step.

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