Now that both applications are configured in GitHub and Slack, you're only one step away from improving the code review process for your team.

GitHub ↔ Slack association

When someone on your team starts a code review thread, leaves a comment or pushes new commits, we update the conversation in Slack. When someone responds to comments on Slack we synchronize the conversation on GitHub.

To be able to provide this service correctly we need to know what Slack handle each GitHub user has. So a GitHub ↔ Slack association must be provided for each user that will make use of Pullpo.

Associate Slack and GitHub usernames.

In order for a PR channel to be created when a pull request is opened, at least one of the involved members (author, assignees or reviewers) must have its GitHub ↔ Slack association configured.

While Pullpo - Insights can keep track of metrics and squad objectives by only using information originated in GitHub, feedback is collected through Slack messages sent directly to apropiate team members. This means that team members that don't have their GitHub ↔ Slack association configured will not be able to provide insights through Pullpo.


To be able to keep track of development metrics, define objectives and collect feedback from specific groups of developers in your organization you can distribute your team's members into Squads.

Head to the Settings tab on Pullpo's dashboard and create new squads by clicking the "Add squad" button. You can manually choose the members of your new squad or import the members of your organization's GitHub teams.

Group members into squads to follow their metrics, define objectives and collect feedback.

Define objectives related to your squad's metrics to collect insights when a strong deviation happens. Find what works and what doesn't and share the findings with your other squads to collectively improve your development team.

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