GitHub profile DevCard


By the end of this small tutorial your GitHub profile should look a little similar to this:

Example of GitHub profile with an active DevCard

Profile repository and

  1. Create a new repository with the same name as your GitHub username.

    Find your username under your avatar ("CescHolly" in the example image above) or in the URL bar when you are in your profile page (<your username>).

    GitHub will warn you that this is a special repository and that its will be shown in your profile. That's exactly what we want!

  2. Create a file in this new repository.

  3. Go to your Pullpo profile page, where you have already customized your DevCard.

    At the bottom of the DevCard configuration section you'll see the generated DevCard URL. Click on the copy button on the right.

    DevCard URL to embed on GitHub profile
  4. Paste the contents of your clipboard into the file and commit the changes.

Show off to your friends ;)

That's it! You can now tell all your friends about your new and flashy DevCard that shows your contribution to your company.

If they get too jealous, let them know that they can click on your DevCard to learn how to add one themselves!

Your DevCard is associated to your company's GitHub organization, which installed the Pullpo GitHub app. If you ever switch companies and want to keep track of your new contributions, you should ask your new manager to consider adding Pullpo to GitHub.

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